SEO, SEM and Social Networks: Twitter

The search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) tasks are nowadays quite more complex than years ago. Google is making frequent updates to its ranking engine and new ways to promote websites appear almost every day. Social networks like FaceBook and Twitter have added new concepts and ways to promote websites. We would like to remark a tool (a Dreamweaver extension) that helps us to integrate our websites with social networks with a minimum investment of time and getting a great final result; we are referring to the Twitter integration Dreamweaver Toolbar.

With many awards like being included in the staff picks at the Dreamweaver Exchange, this tool has become one of the most popular Dreamweaver extensions for integration with social networks.

The Twitter integration Dreamweaver Toolbar has two main features: displays the latest twitter statuses on any webpage and inserts "follow me at twitter" buttons from a large selection of predesigned icons.

The most interesting feature is of course the possibility of displaying the twitter status messages. The method used to load the information from twitter is an Ajax code that runs in the background using the jQuery JavaScript library. You don't need to know these details to use the software but we want to remark this because means that it works in any web page since no server side code is required: it can work even on static .htm web pages.

Twitter timeline
Image #1 - Sample Twitter Timeline.

You can modify the visual presentation of the widget through customizing the CSS styles. The documentation includes a note into the FAQ that clearly indicates which styles are used for each element.

We can write a lot more about the advantages of this implementation, however you will find more useful to read that at the Twitter integration Dreamweaver Toolbar webpage.

The second feature mentioned is much simpler: a Twitter "Follow me" button. What we'd like to remark about this second feature is the time that it saves through allowing us to insert a "follow me" button without leaving the Dreamweaver visual interface. A special note to the large selection of icons included (about 320 icons); you can find there the icon that best matches your website design just with one click.

Follow me buttons
Image #2 - Inserting "follow me" buttons from Dreamweaver.

All these features are accessible with just a click at the Dreamweaver's menu. The documentation is available, including a FAQ, video sample and a friendly support service, however most users won't need to read all that since the interface is pretty intuitive and you may refer to the documentation just to make custom modifications.

All we know that the search engine marketing and optimization is a time-consuming work. Imagine that as part of your SEO/SEM work you can offer to your clients the integration with Twitter for just a few minutes of work: this is what you get with this tool, you can offer better prices to your clients and you can get more revenue for your time. Through getting the correct SEO/SEM tools you can keep your offers competitive and unique without loading your working time.

Similar tools for Facebook and other social networks are available at the same website, in all cases packaged as Dreamweaver extensions.

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